Friday, May 12, 2017

Autumn thoughts

My mind drifts across many things as I go about my days parenting, schooling and farm watching.

Autumn isn’t all traditional carpets of crunchy orange leaves at our place because we just don’t have that many deciduous trees.  My fruit trees put on a little display but right now they are still looking quite green.

Fresh chocolate chip biscuits can solve almost everything. 

Our horse’s whiskers capture the light so nicely, making these big animals even warmer and nicer to touch and smell on a cold afternoon.

I need to learn some safer, more effective knot tying for when farm things need to be dragged, towed, hitched together or fixed up with rope.  Girl Guide friends, I know you are out there. 

The two men in my life melt my heart, particularly in tender, reassuring moments like this one.

At the end of a big social day in the outback, in amongst the big trucks and utes a grandmother and her precious granddaughter stepped in front of my camera at the right time. 

I wonder how many quinces I can cook this season.  With the branches dragging on the ground it is time to get busy peeling, chopping and processing.

I have noticed that an early dinner time during the week is the secret to our success, or not.  When I have dinner planned and on the table early our whole week flows better.  On my less organised days when dinner is late it means late cleaning up and late bed times which overflows into every other part of our lives.   Sometimes it is the small things.  Actually, often it is small the things that count the most.

I am reading and slowly experimenting with bread from this beautiful book.

This song is on my playlist.  It is unapologetically American but I have been listening to this music since my teenage years and I still love it.  It reminds me of road trips, wide open spaces and the good stuff.

What are thinking or wondering or pondering?

Dinner times, autumn leaves or warm horse hair?

I hope you might be cooking or creating or sitting in the sunshine somewhere in amongst the day to day routine.

Happy Friday, friends x