Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Goats, technology and connections

Hello friends.  I would like to start this post by firstly apologising for the ugly Photobucket messages that have stealthily found their way into my photos.  In all of the years I have been blogging I have never knowingly used Photobucket yet suddenly these messages are holding my blog to ransom.  Can anyone help?   If you don’t hover over the photos you can pretend it isn’t happening.

Back in the real world, away from this infuriating photo situation, mustering feral goats seems relatively simple.  There is no internet trickery here, just dust, dogs, goats of all shapes and sizes, a mustering team on motorbikes and a helicopter buzzing in the air.  Working with large mobs of wild animals requires team work, communication, timing and a sound knowledge of the bush.  I feel proud of these real life skills that as a family we are passing onto our children.

We took our place at the back of the mob in the support vehicle with a friend, fuel, food and a variety of supplies.   We spent most of our time negotiating scrub, assisting where we could and of course, taking the odd photo.   

Meanwhile, in the kitchen I have been reading the blog Local is Lovely for years.  I use Sophie’s cookbook regularly and I listen to every one of her podcasts immediately after they go to air. Recently I was lucky enough spend some time with Sophie in real life.  We chatted about the meaning of smoko, educating children in remote locations, social media, bread and many other things that are dear to my heart.  Thank you Sophie, it was so special to meet you.

In a month of meeting people in real life, on Thursday Edwina Robertson and her faithful dog rolled into our property in their 1979 Toyota.  Edwina is travelling through some extremely remote parts of Australia capturing the essence of the outback and its characters in her photos.  We were lucky enough to have Edwina take some family photos for us in the low winter light.  But, more importantly than the photos we had a great chat, a few laughs and we shared a home cooked meal.  If you aren’t already following Edwina’s journey through social media you should!  Edwina is going places, quite literally.

So, while internet things have frustrated me lately, the real life connections really are the most important aren’t they?

I hope your week is full of opportunities, conversations and possibilities. 

Or goats perhaps?